What To Actually Spend On, When It Comes To Weddings?

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Not sure about what is actually worth spending on when it comes to your big date? No worries! Here’s what our experts have to say about it…weddings in samoa

The venue of your big day

The venue, without any doubt at all, will probably be what you spend the largest part of your big day budget on. When it comes to weddings in Samoa, it’s best to secure a venue before anything else, because this opens up more avenues for you to start planning your big day. Avoid waiting for the last moment to secure a venue, as not only will it cost you more than you plan, it will also be the best way to avoid disappointment. Try to find the best venue you can in your locality; one that will offer you other benefits like a kitchen or waiting staff without costing you additionally.

The planner to get things done without a mess

In all honesty, you if you are a great organizer, and if you have the support of your friends and family, you might be able to pull off a bug event like this without a planner. However, it is important that you understand how much of pressure you are going to be undereven without the stress of having to organize your big day. If possible, find a planner who will offer you worthy wedding packages; like a photographer or musicians. This makes it one less thing to worry about. Remember that your happiness on that day is vital; so do your best to reduce the stress related to that day.

The dress you have always dreamt of

This one is a little selfish…and admittedly a little bit of a foolish expense as well. after all, this is a one time only dress; one that you simply cannot wear again without major changeseven if you want to. However, you generally only get married once; and this is without a doubt the most special piece of clothing you will ever buy for yourself. So getting something you absolutely adore is well worth the money. This is actually the same advice we’d give the grooms. Forget the “off the shelf” suits, and opt for a bespoke suit; something tailor made to fit your body. Trust us, neither of you will mind this cost when the pictures turn out well…!

The food and the booze

After the whole I do moment, if there is one thing that most of your guests are looking forwards to, it’s the food and the drinks. While we are sure you will not skimp on this, it is definitely something we think you should not hesitate to spend on. Offer your guests a variety; so that everyone with different tastes have something. Same goes for the drink selection. After all, it is a day to celebrate…