What Are The Top Three Things To Do When You Visit Barossa Valley?

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Over in Australia, Barossa valley is a pretty famous and special place that is always teeming with a lot of tourists from all over the world, and for many good reasons! According to locals, it a place that brings around 8000 tourists from around the globe each year and that is a lot of people! Starting from the beautiful and breathtaking wineries to the scrumptious food available there, it is not a surprise as to why it has become a tourist hot spot over the years. If you are thinking of going on a holiday, make sure to plan out to Barossa valley immediately as it would definitely be worth it! barossa valley tour

Along with the food and sights, there is also a lot more to see and to do in Barossa valley as well, and you would not be able to see all of these special places even in a week! There are also a lot of historically valuable sights to see and gather knowledge from in Barossa valley as well. A journey that is this fun, enjoyable and educational does not come around all the time, so here are some of the best things you must do while in Barossa!

Visit the wineries

If it is one thing that Barossa Valley is famous for, it would be the wineries! Barossa valley is filled with a lot of mesmerizing wineries that you can easily visit and check out! They are beautiful, enjoyable locations that is going to give you a very unique experience, one that you have never had before. You can request for wine tours Adelaide from a tour guide in Barossa Valley and this will then take you to the finest wineries and wineyards situation in Barossa to make sure that you leave with a memorable experience. While visiting these wineries do not forget to be a part of a wine tasting party too!

The whispering wall

When you visit Barossa another must see sight is the famous whispering wall. This whispering wall is actually the remains of the Barossa reservoir that was built a long time ago. Back then, this was considered a very revolutionary structure and this is attracted the entire worlds attention and it even ended up science journals as well! Today, it is called the whispering wall due to the acoustic ability it shows by letting people on one side clearly hear what is whispered on the other side, more than 100m away. Barossa tours will not miss taking you to see this pretty impressive sight!

The food

As said before, while Barossa is famous for its impressive wineries and wine, it is also a hot spot for delicious authentic food as well. This means that once you visit Barossa Valley you cannot simply leave the place without taking yourself to some of the best restaurants in the place. To get proper advice you can either talk to your guide or some locals as they would know best about the best places to test the food at!