Tips on finding Cheap Accommodation

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Everyone wants cheap accommodation when they go away on holiday. To some it is more important that the accommodation is cheap, and to others that it is relatively cheap but nice. Sometimes finding the middle ground is harder than finding gold at the end of a rainbow, so here are some tips on how to find good, cheap accommodation.
Book in advance
The best way to get accommodation in Docklands that is both cheap and good quality is to book your holiday well ahead before you go. In some cases it is true that booking at the last minute can get you a deal of lifetime, but in general this will just end up costing you more money. Booking accommodation well in advance may not get you the best deal of the year but it will save you money in the long run.
Time of year
This can be difficult for a lot of people as sometimes circumstances dictate that the only time to go away is during the peak season, for example, if you have children who are at school. But if you do have the luxury of being able to decide when are going away, you can save yourself a lot of money on accommodation. Outside of the summer months or the school holidays in Europe, you can find yourself great accommodation at very modest rates.
Type of accommodation
The types of accommodation you are willing to stay in will greatly lower the price you will have to pay. Accommodation such as hotels, in conjunction with the high season, can be ridiculously expensive as you don’t just pay for the room but other add-ons such as meals, the overall service and the location – if a hotel is located two minutes from a popular beach then the price can skyrocket. Also the reputation of a hotel is included in the pricing. Staying in a three star hotel as opposed to five star corporate accommodations is going to be far less expensive. If you’re looking for a resort style living, visit this site.
In contrast, if you are happy sharing a dormitory with others, buying and cooking your own meals and being that extra five minutes down the road then a hostel is a much cheaper option.
Get off the beaten track
As mentioned above the location of any accommodation can hike up the price, so your best bet is to get out of the way to a secluded part of town. Hotels, hostels or homestays on the outskirts of the action but still within walking distance of everything you need are something every holiday maker should look out for. They offer something most don’t – a choice.
Keep your receipts
Although a lot of places will not, some countries offer tax back on most purchases which can include your accommodation. Value added tax, or VAT, in countries such as Singapore or Turkey is refundable.