The Reasons Why People Travel

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Today traveling is very easy. The growth in tourism has enabled us to travel where we want to. There are many pricing options as well. From the budget traveler to the leisure traveler, there various options. Some countries rely completely on tourism. This is because it’s a large industry. Millions of people travel every year. Year over year the number of tourists increase unless there’s security issues or natural disasters. It is an industry that keeps growing.

Many years ago, travelling was not as cheap. People didn’t have the option to travel as much. Today, there are many travel options. Even if affordability is an issue, budget travelling has become very popular. This is when young people travel or a budget and they stay in hostel near patpong and such. This drastically reduces their budget. For people who can afford, there are mid-range and high range hotels. Further there are ultra-luxury hotels that are very expensive.

There are many reasons why one would travel. Not all travelling is for fun. The reasons depend on what the person wants or expects from the trip. Here are some reasons why people travel.

To relax

The older we get, people prefer to relax during their trips. This is because have busy lives and work long hours. This makes them tired, therefore they prefer to travel somewhere to sit and relax. Usually they don’t have time to take trips and when they have the opportunity to go on a trip, they make use of it as much as they can. These people pick good hotels where they could stay, relax in the pool and enjoy the buffet. This helps them manage their stress levels and go back to work fresh and full of energy.


Sightseers are the ones that travel to look around and enjoy the surrounding. When they visit a country, they make sure they see everything. This can include landscapes, architecture, museums and shows. Backpackers are part of this. They would stay in hostels in Thailand Bangkok
 and explore the city and country during the day.

Business visitors

Business visitors are the ones that visit for business purposes. Their goal is not to explore and enjoy the city but to do business, attend meetings and make details. Generally, their travel cost is bared by the company they work for and it does not go from their pockets. It’s purely business and not pleasure.

Adventure travelers

Adventure travelers are the ones that travel seeking adventure activities. This includes all activities such as surfing, skiing, racing, hiking and high adrenaline activities such as bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting to name a few. They are sorely thrill seekers who travel to experience activities each country has to offer.