4 Horse Riding Issues A Beginner Might Face

You might be keen on riding a horse soon but you must do your research on them before you decide to embark on this journey. Some are easy to handle while others are difficult. Most of the time horse riding will require a lot of practice and effort on your part. Here are some problems you might face if you are new to riding:

The horse is hostile

They can be hostile or aggressive when you try to approach them straight away. You must not approach them in a straight line but rather in an arc which is more towards the horse. You have to make the horse understand that you are here now to get some horse riding in NSW. You must not look at the animal directly in the eye but you must always face the horse. Remember that when you do get close, make sure you extend your arm or hand to so that he or she can get a wift of your scent. You will then able to create a bond!

You are uncertain about how to mount the animal

You might be worried about how to get yourself on top of the horse. If the horse is moving you must find a mid-point so that you can get on top of it. You must not force the horse to stay in the middle but you must rather control the movement or direction. You must make sure your weight is spread evenly but do not try to push down on the horse too hard when you are seated or let half of your weight jut out.

You might not feel confident

You might feel insecure because of the wrong positioning and seating arrangements. The basic horse riding rule is that the rider should be seated properly with the shoulders aligned. The posture should also be aligned with the ear, hip and heel too. The back must be straight and the feet must be positioned properly.

Horse keeps running and does not stop

You will understand if the horse is ready to stop as the animal will understand what you are doing. It involves a lot of verbal gestures, body posture and moving the reins at the right time. You can start by using certain halt phrases like whoa or eh and then use your fingers to pull the reins back while putting weight on your saddle seat.

Horses are very intelligent animals but they can get afraid quickly. You must learn to steer your horse properly first if you want to enjoy a great beginners riding experience!